no one takes me seriously
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I see spiders and tarantulas on my walls when I wake up... they are delusions, they eventually dissapear after a couple of eternal seconds... but that's some kind of schizophrenia that no one would take seriously... I think I have cancer but no one believes me... I went to the doctor and he wrote me an unreadable note and laughed at me, and sent me to the psychologist... I went to the psychologist and they also laughed at me... I don't need that, I need someone to take me seriously and make me a serious diagnosis... but I'm incapable of that... I think I'm neurodivergent, autistic, asperger, and that's why the world looks so difficult from my point of view... but no one would take that seriously enough to actually analize my mind and see if that's true or not... I'm just trapped on a society that would end up killing me from the inside... I think just a little of consolation... someone to take my sadness for a minute, would make this a little more bearable for me...

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