Nobody k
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Nobody knows nobody understands what is going inside my mind n heart I'm dead , i don't have any kind of reasons to stay here n live..... I'm at my death poin .......I'm in stress totally depressed stress is on the peak of my lyf....... I'm totally destroyed but no one understand this because everyone think I'm happy , i cheated them , i hurted them i broke their hearts but no one is thinking about me no one cares about my feelings n emotions i changed my self because of my problems but no one told me y uh changed...... I can't smile the same, i can't talk the same, everything has changed everybody left me alone .... N now I'm over because everything has finished .... i wear a fake smile on my face n people think I'm happy but that isen't reality my reality know my Allah ...... i die each day every min . N it's getting so hard for me to live here... n u know what each day every min. I only think about sucide because i don't wanna live anymore i hate

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