Not able to cope up
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hi, just want to share few thoughts...I am 26 working in IT basically I think that I am the only one who doesn't know life skill, even those which normal people have...I lack all of them...I fear initiating conversation with people...I assume or accept that each and every other person is better than me , be it daily life activities, office work, career goals...and even I still don't know what I want in career going ahead.i don't have any vision ..I am not able to cope up with today's fast changing world...I don't have any memories of friends from school as I was kind of indirectly boycotted by them for looking feminine and having old school nature... sometimes I feel ending life is only left option( which I will not do as I fear hurting myself) so that I will not be a burden to marriage talks are on but still my mind is not ready to accept that I am 27 now .I feel my mind is still stuck at 15s or 18s..

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