Not able to get over a person
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Hey there, I am all messed up I can't concentrate on my studies aal of my friends keep studying late night,in afternoon,but me I can't deal with that, i think I really fell deep for one of my close friend whome I met 10 months we are not together anymore I mean we are not friends anymore,I liked him and I knew he did it too.....but whenever I saw his comments on some other girl's post k got jealous and possesive,I mean this happens na it's normal if you like or love someone you become possesive for them,I cared for him, which he also did no doubt,but he stopped calling me,messaging me and everytime I complaint about that or tried to talk to him about this,he just changed the topic or called me,to make me calm down and told me that I always do overthinking,okay i do,maybe it was all my fault I started behaving like his gf,which I was surely not,and he stared feeling binded, uncomfortable,due to many misunderstandings,one day he removed me from his insta,I removed him from snap, contacts and WhatsApp,but I am not able to remove him from my heart, I don't know why.

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