Not being able to take a stand for self.
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How to stop being a people pleaser like I have a really ahrd time sayign no to pple and pple just take advantage of me how do I say no and do what I want what if I am ugly and don't meet pples expectation s ik I dotn have to do that but I just can't help but to feel anxious 😰 like in ym dance class I am the darkest and ym dance teacher always make the fair and preety one Stand in front and when I was standing to get water for a long time a girl just cut in ym way and took it she knew I was standing there for a long time 😰😰😰 and after that she gave it to someone else that someone else was really pretty maybe cuz of that pple might think I am overreacting and I can just wait but I just feel pple are taking advantage of me like I don't really like those pple but I still go to them and talk bout the thing si don't feel like talking just because I don't wanna be alone and boring there is this girl I am comfortable with am di really admire her she is okay being slonf and not a hypocrite liel me who goes to pple who I don't like ..........

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