Not being supported by family
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Hello everyone, Hope everybody is doing well. I will tell my story. I was the best student in my school. My parents were always telling me to become a doctor. So, I faced my university entrance exam. And I got AAC results. But this result is not enough to become a medical student. So I entered to my bachelor's degree in science field. Eventhough I was not able to become a doctor, I was able to have a chance to enter the best university in my country. But my family didn't satisfy about me. They didn't celebrate my results. It has been for more than two years. But still they say, it's good to become a doctor. Oh shit! You was not able to do that unfortunately. I feel so sad. Even I can't explain the Pain that I have to go through in this time. They never appreciate my effort for studies. Intentionally they try to insult me. My mom is good. But rest of the others are not good. I am silently struggling a lot. But I can't focus now for my studies because time to time they hurt me. Their one word can hurt me a lot. I loose my interest for everything. I try to be a nice person to everybody. But no one is not there for me. Feeling so sad. Help me to be strong. Help me to win my life.

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