Not enough support from family
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I am just a regular ABUSED girl. All of my dreams are being crushed one after another. First I had some problems in speaking so my mom registered me to a reciting poem institution. I got better and better and went to many places in my city for competition but none of the competition was for winning. Me and my team were just there for intros, outros etc. But then I got a chance to audition for a competition and I passed. I also passed the semi final and others stages. On grand finale, my mom thought that I told my dad that I don't want to go. And a argument took place and this dream crushed. Second When I was in grade 3 I worked so hard to get first place( in all four forms )I but couldn't do it. I got first place only in my form. I was too little to understand that it is not a big deal but I also could not get it out of my mind because of my mom and grandma and grandpa. They were always scolding me about it 😓😓.So I got depressed and got obsessed with music and wanted to be a DJ. But guess what? Just after telling my mom about it this dream also closed The worst thing is that I can't tell anyone about it because whenever I call a family member of my family to tell this they get busy with other things.. And my mom always says that My colleague's daughter is Pro in dance sing blah blah blah and your lazy ass cannot do anything. Now you say what am I gonna do? Now my dream is to become a writer and a business women but I didn't tell my mom because I don't want to get it crushed. Now I am 11 in grade 5. Thank you for your time.

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