Not happy with life
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As a teenager i have got a lot a stress and anxiety from many things. Like getting acne, having pimples,lost quiet alot of friends,failed in exams etc. But even after that i have the desire to see life, to experience life. I always wanted to live a normal life like being happy indeed,to see the people whom i love being happy themselves. But the more i hope the more i got disappointments. I got cheated in friendship,i got bullied in school and still i am being bullied. But even though i want to live my life where i will meet new friends who will be loyal and will always be mine. I want to feel free, i want freedom from this place (thinking to go into a new school next year after my boards) . Get the hell out of this restrictions where i am free to love anyone free to move around without being insecure, where i can start my day smiling and end the day smiling. Where i can choose whatever i want. Where my choices wont be judged,where people wont bully me. I just want to live,love free.

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