not treated well by a friend
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Hi, I have a female best friend, we meet during our training, i really got attached to her From the very first day as she is just like me in nature She used to call me her best friend we talk for hours in a day on call, & sometimes she flirts with me(i seriously don't know how serious she is),so i just ignore everything as she don't speak openly.. After 3 months of our friendship her 1st bf came into her life & she totally changed...she rarely calls me & one day she Called me "Bhai" just to make her boyfriend happy... I just cut off from her after that After 5 months of her relationship she break up ...&Then came back to me apologize a lot...i thought she is really sorry so i had forgiven her.. Again we became bfff...same she stated calling me daily & again I got attached to her... sometimes she just flirts with me saying "how good it be if friendship turns into relationship" But i ignored. Now she have 2 nd boyfriend & same thing started again what she had done during Frist bf...

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