nothing I do is ever enough or good enough can never make him happy
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my husband doesn't see me or notice me at all. I can make a hundred of lists the things of a partner doesnt do.... I feel like I'm wasting my time I want to let go so bad but I haven't yet hoping he change and I don't think he seem to care of what I say the only thing I am to him is a burden I'm annoying and dumb everything that comes out of my mouth doesn't make sense so much to say don't know where to start just crying out to be heard... and it doesn't hear me he just don't care I just want him to comfort me...his heartless I'm not appreciated at all... and I have no one to talk to no one to tell I have nobody.. this way I'm venting on the app. all I ever does is be on social media and look at pictures and big booties he's been all this time on a f****** cell phone social media tick tock YouTube or whatever you do and the sneaking your ass and lies I don't understand why do all this when you can just leave me just leave me.. so you can be happy

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