One bad experience is ruining my life everyday!!! Help!!
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iam a 20 year old healthy male. I slept with a random girl (prostitute) i dont even know and couldnt get erect at all i was anxious and nervous cause it was my first time ever. Wasnt really attracted to her either. I dont have any health problems or take medication whatsoever. Is there anything i should worry about?? ive been stressing over this soo bad and getting untrue thoughts for the past 3 months which are literally killing me and affecting my everyday life cause i dont want this to happen again, neither did i think this would happen to me. Iam fine with getting erect on my own and stopped masturbating awhile ago and wont be doing it again because im sick of it and gets me pissed off. Please help , what should i do?? i want to enjoy an amazing sex life. This is getting so unbearable i cant enjoy life no more!!

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