one sided attraction
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So recently I had a terrible day in my life. I really liked a girl, confessed her 2 years ago, she rejected it then and there itself, but told me that I was a good person and wated to be my friend. In any difficulty she would ask for my help, and I used to help her happily. But soon I realised that she was trying to use me, by keeping me under friend zone, and now I was badly into her thoughts, so badly that she even came in my dreams. So I decided to get away from her. I called her and told her politely that please block my number, and we should never talk henceforth. To which she replied positively, and told me that if at any point of life I need her help, I can call her from any other number. So kya maine sahi kiya ya galat? I mean I am feeling that if I would have given some more time, then things might have worked, because she was really a nice girl. Now she is placed in a really good company with 7LPA package, while I am still in college. I am feeling really down. I feel like a looser, I feel as if I don't deserved her. I'm having self doubt that weather I'll get a job with same package or not? I'm working hard for it however. But still I have self doubt, whether I'll be able to get ahead of her in my life? Please help me, as this thing is really getting accumulated in my head, and I'm not able to stop thinking about her, and comparing myself to her.

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