one sided attraction
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I'm 20 years old girl... In this lockdown one boy nemed souresh of my same age used to do video call in wp & talked to me for at least 45 mins... So slowly i started to like him... after 5 months... I asked his close frnd to know if he likes me too... He told me that... Yes souresh likes me too a little bit... But after 1 day i got to know from his frnd that souresh was not serious... Souresh was joking which his frnd couldn't understand & souresh likes me just as a good frnd... I was very upset... I know we can't get anyone's love with force so i did let it go slowly... But my question is why souresh used to call me everyday for 45 min... It's okay that he doesn't love me... But i just expect a good frndship from him... But it's been 2 months he doesn't talk to me like before... Then what was that form of our relationship??

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