one sided feeling
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Hi everyone, I am new here.So I used to have a crush on this guy like 2 years ago when I was in school but because of lockdown school has been closed till now.So few days back he texted me asking me about how I am...and we talked a lot in these few days but the thing I didn't notice was that he was replying late to me even If he was online.He had left me on seen many times and me being a ass just kept texting him.Today is his birthday and I didn't wish him because he left me on seen like 2 days ago and hasn't texted till now.I don't if I still like him or not but it hurts you know...and the way I am acting it actually feels like that I still like him.I don't know what to do this thing is eating me inside and I can't focus on anything rather then him.What should I do?How can I stop liking him?I don't wanna like him but still I do. I know you must be thinking this is such a silly problem but I have got noone to talk so please don't judge.

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