one sided feeling in a friendship
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Hello, actually I have a male friend and we had a very good friendship.there was a very beautiful girl to whom he really loves..but my friend was so good that gradually I fell in love with him. He refused to be committed with Me but still we were friends... whenever I try to tell something loving words,he remembers about his crush and his crush is now seriously in relationship with my friend is not talking to me as we used to do before..and that really kills me inside He is in military department and I am in medical department Before I was a very good student but without him my study is also going down day by day..We are friends since 4 years and now seeing his ignorance and avoidance for me,I am really afraid of losing him..I tried to communicate with him also but it really didn't work because of lack of his interest brain has been stopped working .. please help me and suggest me what to do..

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