One sided love
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What's Up! I just wanna share this crazy feelings I have. I'm Dandelion ( username) no love since birth and I have crush on this boy. He's not Handsome but I love his personality. But before that happened here is a story! I'm a weird new student and they always bully me yeah I don't care if they hurt me cause I used to it. Then one time I met this boy named Clarenz and he's nice and yes we always go out with his friends. One time one of the bully came to me and beat me of course, I ask the bully if he is happy about and I'm crying cause I don't want to hurt anyone! They call Clarenz for me to stop and I was like is it really happening and yes OMG that time is the first time I felt love. I haven't told him what I feel I don't want to be rejected like I have a High Expectations so I don't have to. So Fast forward I move to another place to live and Came back after months but after that I got a lot of text about Clarenz. They said that he change, he's not the boy that I know. So I went to him and I want to know if its true and yes it is he doesn't even know me for a reason that he has a girlfriend! And now I'm depressed and my anxiety is killing me again and I can't forget his name every night, everywhere and every time. That's the story I hope you can Help me to forget him all the memories we made and specially his name I'm Tired It affects myself 😞

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