One sided love
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Hey all I love someone who is also my best friend and I myself am a girl and she is a girl and we have been friends for the past 8 years.. I don't know what to do I have fallen crazily in love with there and I don't know what to do.. We have kissed intimately but we decided not to do that I was in a clear stand that I was loving her but I didnt realise until she got committed with a person and I started to have my adrenaline rush over me wanting to be with her but I know this won't happen.. One day I confessed her that I love her but then I told her it was a prank before telling her that it was a prank she didn't feel disgusted about me proposing her (I told her in chat as I had no guts to face her... I get struck when I see her eyes which is my weak point) she handled it very well and I even pressurised her by bringing up those kissing parts to make her awkward and confess that at one point she would have loved me and that's why she kissed me.. But NO she told simply that we were young and had physical needs so it's a mistake.. But after she getting into relationship I got totally devastated I didn't realise that I loved her this much.. I don't know what to do give me some solution should I have to confess her or should I have to be away from her.. But her happiness is mine she loves me like anything as a friend and now we are in long distance friendship and I don't how things would turn when I tell.. And her boyfriend is going to her place for his next future plans and they would be happy... I don't know what to do... Please someone give me some solutions... I have gone crazy for the last 8 years without confessing my love and even if I confess I lose her.. I'm not able to focus on my career please... Help me... Thank you

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