Online Relationship Issue 💔
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I've been in relationship for 7 months. but its online relationship. we both haven't met yet but we do video calls and call regularly. but now she have exams and she have 2 weeks for it. Now she told me that she want space and will be inactive for 1 week so that can prepare for exams. we spend 7 months like we're chatting or calling 24/7. but now this gap of 1 week is too much for me. I've a fear of losing her becuz of this one week. becuz i sometimes think that she will forget me in this 1 week. it maybe overthinking but yes I've that fear. sometimes i think that i may not be that much imp for her thats why she is taking this gap. and the main prblm is that its online relationship. we haven't spend time physically. so what if she vanished after this week. who knows. such type of thinking are destroying my mental health and my daily life activities. I'm medical student and I can't concentrate on studies becuz of these overthinking. What should i do?

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