orthodox family and relationship issues
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So I'm 19 years old, I was living with my orthodox abusive parents, when things got out of hand I decided to run away from home, I didn't have too much savings but I was managing, then I met this girl in one of the shared houses I was living in (I am a lesbian), we became close friends and I fell in love with her but she was homophobic so I just tried to end my feelings there. Then I got in touch with one of my old friends who's into girls too and we ended up dating. Now the thing is, my girlfriend is very popular, she doesn't wanna tell people we are dating, she talks and flirts with other girls (or atleast just entertains them for fun in her language), plus since me and my roommate (the girl I was earlier in love with) started running in financial loses, she suddenly offered to work as an escort, idk what to do. I love my girlfriend but she keeps saying she wanna die, I wanna be there for her but she keeps shutting me out and talks to other people, my roommate keeps forcing me to be an escort so that we could pay our bills. Plus now my family is pressuring and threatening me to come back. I'm scared, confused. Life seems too hard rn to deal with plus got no one to talk to

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