overthinking, unable to express emotions with friends and confused about career
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I am a 19 year old girl. I have only like 1-2 close friends and I am not completely open even with them. I think it's my fault because I find it too difficult to express my emotional self in front of someone. But, also when I do share my thoughts, I think they don't care much about it. Actually, I am an overthinker. Even at college, i made 3-4 friends but after sometime it turned out that I was left alone and they formed a group of them. I miss them but whenever I talk to them, I can't keepup the conversation and just nothing happens and due to pandemic, we have not met or even talked on call from many months but they all are in contact with each other and have become so close friends so now they don't even need me :( Also, I think I have some issue because after some days of talking to someone, I myself don't feel like talking to them. I just feel so low many times. Only one year of my studies is left but I am still unclear what do I want to do in future. I don't know what to do...

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