parent issues
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first of all i wanna thank every one that interacted positively with my previous post. second of all, i have a new issue. my mom is a really nice person, she gets me everything i want, she listens to me and all, but the majority of the time she always critisizes me and always weighs me down. its really stressful and i cant keep up with this so often i start crying but i always keep my feelings inside of me. my siblings listen to every critic she tells me and they start telling me that too. so basically they are learning from her and they say the same things to me. for example, you are getting fatter, or i am not liking your attitude, you are a brat, you are spoiled, you are senseless of me and what i do for you. i understand i can be rough somentimes but that is my coping mechanism. and she tells me all those critics and more that i did not mention, very harshly which makes me really want to puch a wall or someone. any advice?

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