Past trauma, adhd and lifestyle issues
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my adhd and maladaptive daydreaming is destroying me i was sexually harrased when i was i seventh grade and i can't tell my parents cause they are indians and if i tel them the best thing they can do is to dont let me go alone anywhere it's so sad . I was a topper a basketball player a singer and lots of friends ,but after all this happened i just began to daydream as if my life was perfect and started binge eating my body which i was proud of being fit became overweight i couldn't play basketball anymore i was eliminated from the team i lost my friends basically they were toxic . basically all i need is a good friend and find some motivation and more of that i finsihed my first term of my board exams in india SSLC and it was bad ,i have second term i feel of giving up , i really need to control my adhd maladaptive daydreaming ,get back on track with project and studies lost 25 kg play basketball again write my own music and guitar like i always did . pls help me out i have nobody

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