past trauma of child abuse and toxic relationships
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I was only 5 years old when my domestic helper's sons raped me for consecutive 2 years and threatened me not to utter a word or they would do harm to me and my family. My parents had a troubled marriage because of my grandparents. My parents always quarrel among them as there were financial issues, relationship issues etc in my family. Though my parents loves me still if they gets angry they beat me. My parents beat me mostly when i dont concentrate on studies. To be very frank I hate when my father start teaching me maths. I cant say to him that i dont understand the concept with a fear of getting scolded that im not intelligent or i will get a beating. I lost all the scope of telling the right things because i fear of getting beaten up. As time passes as i turned 13-14 my maternsl grandfather molested me one day. I kept it as a secret of not telling it to my parents as I thought they will blame me for that. When I turned 19 I had my first relation. We had 3 years of relationship. All these years he cheated on me. Then we broke up. Then the next two relations that i was in has also the same fate. they cheated on me and finally into breaking up.

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