past trauma of sexual assault AND being left alone
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20 f. I am lonely, not the feeling you get even when you are surrounded by a lot of people, but actual loneliness. I have no friends to speak of and the only human interaction I have is with my immediate family. Besides this, I fear I might be dealing with porn and/or masturbation addiction. I am low on energy, can't get myself to do anything and want to spend my life (I don't really know what I want tbh) I have body image issues and I've been sexually assaulted, thrice, by three different family members and I believe my issues stem from those interactions. I liked it at then, because I was desperate for any kind of physical comfort, but looking back I know that this shouldn't have happened. I haven't told about this to anyone and I don't wish to, but I'd really like to move on from these instances and look at myself like an individual and not as an sex object.

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