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I just feel soo left alone in college maybe I just I'm not capable of making good friends or I just don't fit in what they do! Since, childhood I've been criticised for not having good health and height. Even now I don't have a good height! I don't know I just wanted to share it , since it's hurting soo much from inside. I'm even just tearing up while writing this! I just feel like I'm not good enough while taking with friends. I feel shy , I don't know how to enjoy, how to crack Jokes. I'm an average student. I try to focus in class I get distracted. Even though I answer in class but still. I can't understand my teachers a bit. If I even understand them I just forget. I just am not able to fit in this new soo called college life. It's just soo hard . I've got really really ugly face. Ik i shouldn't say this but I can't help it. I think I need to accept that but I can't move on. People around me are absolutely beautiful. There's so much I wanna tell. I don't feel good.

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