Persistent anxiety
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it's been more than eight months, I started overthinking about every little thing. Even in my studies, It took me hours to understand even a small topic. Then somehow I overcame it. After this I noticed suddenly a fear coming in my mind, that "whenever I'll see my beloved people ,I'll get intrusive thoughts about them " now, I became afraid of facing my members and hating myself how bad I am. This kind of thoughts and anxious situations were completely new for me, I didn't know where to do. Now I was afraid of my own thoughts, at this point again a thought came to my mind " whenever someone will say something around me, it wii vibrate in my body" now whenever people used to speak anything around me , specially chewing sounds, whispering, my heartbeat increased, I started sweatening , I used to become blank for sometime , I didn't know what was happening, I had brought myself up from this also, but Still sometimes, the sounds of whispering etc make me anxious and angry and demotivated.. how can I overcome this?

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