persistent negative thoughts
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I am struggling with uncontrollable and unnecessary thoughts coming every now and then .I feel like nothing yes nothing is going on well in my life ..... everything made me feel bad .I am trying a lot to be happy and Normal ...but I can't find anything to happen in my favour .. nobody understand me ...they just do things according to me.they never think how much these things affect me mentally... I am totally disturb . feel like I am totally alone in my own world . nobody is there for me , to understand me actually or support ..I am saying my parents don't love. they love me a lot , care me ,but they never try to understand me actually . they are expecting a lot from me . They never think before doing anything which can affect me . I am not feeling free , seems like I have lot of burden on me..Most important that hurts me a lot that I am not living my dream ..I am lot scared what if I will not make my dream come true .things are really complicated and I need somebody to help me

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