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I am scared of lizards. i know it sounds very childish but whenever I see one no matter how small or how it looks I have a panic attack. when I see one my whole vision goes blur, I start crying and sometimes I can't even stand up, it feels like there are 1000s of them all around me, on me crawling, I hate this feeling and my parent is aware of it. today I was going to the kitchen and I saw one omw, before i ran upto my mom Itold her, she not caring about it(made me feel guilty abt it) got up and shooed it away to another room, I went to my room sprayed a ton of repellent all around the door. After 5 mins my mom comes in and in her hand there's a lizard I told her I screamed at her to not come in my room she kept on insisting that it's nothing. she was like 10ft away from me but it felt like she is shoving it up my face. idk what to do I don't have anyone to share this to I told my bsf she just laughed and said "I Stan her". makes me so angry,sad, and so much idk what to do

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