please give me a solution anyone
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I will be going to hostel in less than 20 days and this is the hardest thing going on in my life with which i literally can't deal. my sister is in 12th preparing for neet. she is very much attached to me. and i am the eldest daughter of my family. my mother is so much attached to me and i just don't know how I'll live without them. i cry a lot every other minute thinking about this. I feel tensed about my mother's health because i help my mother with all the household chores so much. once i am gone, she'll have to do all by herself. Moreover, the fear of living alone, along with the pressure of getting a high paying job after my mba is slowly getting me into anxiety. i think a lot (mostly negative) about all these things. My mba will cost almost around 20 lakhs and i am feeling so much guilty about spending my father's hard earned money. i just can't deal with all of these things. i have a loving and understanding partner but somehow, i just don't know what to do to feel better.

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