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this is my board year and i am stuck in a loop I have anxiety, going through medication my scores are just decreasing my growth has stopped I cant see any improvement at the same time my teachers are biased u might feel C'mon there's nothing like that but they are clearly biases they justify marks unfairly n make me sit in losers group I might not be scoring that good but atleast i dont belong to thatgroup somehow they make me sit there for me it is suffocating and i get more anxious back at home i cant focus or study either. I feel my parents are lacking behind in understanding that i am not rlly giving up the fact that i cry alot bothers them and out of anger n sorrow they call me loser neither my boyfriend likes when i cry and says to cry somewhere else. i cant score well and cant pull my grade. i cant study at home during school days because of extreme tiredness meanwhile my attendance is low I cant be absent anymor teachers make their eyes big when I often dont go they mock at me

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