please help me. my exams are approaching. then I get anxious. my intestine suffers. I cry
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Hi i am a student and i am an excellent performer in academics but since the lock down was imposed, I have started procrastinating more than usual and i tend to be stresses when my work gets collected. I am living away from home and I miss my family. Day before yesterday was my birthday. I went home and enjoyed a lot for 4 days. But then also I was stressed that I will miss them once I return to my pg. I am unable to enjoy my present due to my future. I tend to numb my sadness and stress my ignoring it and then I get even more sad on encountering the stress again. I don't know why I am afraid to face difficulties. I don't know if I have become habitual of being in my comfort zone so much that I can't take even the littlest pressure. I don't know why I am afraid to study. In fact I am a perfectionist. I work hard and get good grades. It's just that I need to start early which I can't due to procrastination and stress. I keep avoiding it. Then I cry and . My family makes me happy.

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