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myself nehal, and i am in 10th standard. one day, one of my teachers saw me on the scooty with my bf there were more of our friend also, and that was the first and last time i went with him like this, and then that teacher told other teachers of our school too about it, it was the talk of March i think so, and now it's July, so today one of the teachers showed us our test copies and i scored less. so she put all the blame on the relation of me and my bf. but I am not al all distracted by him, and even my friends said so, and they also said so that you don't give much attention to him (tu usse jyada bhav nahi deti) and this is true also. and the reason of my less marks is that i was having fever the previous day of the exam, and also from previous 1 month i am having cold and cough, so this was the reason. now please give me some advise 🙏🙏🙏

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