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hi all, can someone please help by letting me know what should I do in the below condition - So yesterday one of my previous company friend came to my city and asked me to meet him tiday for 2-3 hours before he goes back to his town today the thing is I never actually met any one like this before...I meant that I am very shy and introvert kind of person due to which I always struggled to gel with other groups be it in school or college or even office... although I had few friends who didn't judged me in college time and in office, so I actually got to know how friends are in office life only ..and I know for others, staying at their friends house and wandering with them for hours is a normal thing but for me it's null only...I really don't know what to talk when I meet him today ..I am continuously thinking what should I talk to him so he don't get bored for those 2-3 hours.... he had many childhood friends in his town so I know he stays at their friends house ...continued

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