please save me
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masterabation is the worst thing in my life and i can't stop doing it sometimes times i controlled myself and didn't do it for 3 month i was the most convenient happiest man i the world but then i did it again again and again but i wanted to stop and i actually stopped for 20 to 25 days i felt so happy even after after very depressed days i was happy that i didn't do it but i will give you what makes me masterbait so you can please save me (YouTube\closing the door when sleeping) first of all I've deleted all social media and disabled YouTube but when I go to sleep i close the door because there is light in my eye but in this moment i start to lose control the voices in my head get very loud and i open a video and then it's over I can probably handle my self for another 20 days but what what do i do after it i start to lose control please save me!

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