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my BF & I mutually decided to breakup after he recently left country for masters. I am elder to him & plan to do arrange marriage, further hv a kid soon. Bt we could never breakup, stayed in contact over phone. soon after my parents found a guy for me. I asked my bf for last time if he want future with me. But he is unable to give any word right now, he has responsibilities & loan so he told me to get married (bt stay friends with him)I said ok, lets see. Slowly he found out that the guy parents chose is better than him & now he has started having fear of loss. And behaving disturbed. On the other hand, the other guy wants to meet, texting all time, might flirt nw & then after knowing we will mostly marry. So now my bf cant focus on study, i want to marry but not able to take interest in the guy, and poor guy is waiting all day just for my reply. No one is wrong here, yet no one is happy. Shall i move on? If yes, what all things can i explain my bf, so that he is not hurt?

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