Please share your views - My actual story
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hi, I just want to know if other also feel the same for the below thing - When we are going through some Mental bullying, our mind either gets scared and inner strength broken or our mind adapts an ignorance mechanism due to which we start detaching ourselves from things and circumstances which can cause more Mental bullying so in a way our mind gets wired that if we don't involve in outer world scenarios then no harm will be there and scariest part is that we are not even aware then that this is another way of depression and anxiety. I observed that during this phase, we don't feel FOMO or any kind of feeling on seeing others living a normal life but if after few years we got to know that the ignorance mechanism was another kind of depression and we acknowledge it, then we do start getting effected in our mind as then we are not able to behave how normal people behaves, talk or communicate. This acknowledgement is more scary as now we lags behind in term of mental growth..

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