plz guyzzz help me..!!!
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I have a friend(mr.x) who was very close to me once..we use to share everything tit bit..then one day he confessed that he has feelings for me..but I didnt have any feelings for I didn't except his proposal...but I made it clear to not keep any hopes..then also we kept talking..but slowly we it was now very formal..hi hello WYD this type of conversation...then I made a boyfriend..but I didn't share it with mr.x ..coz I was thinking what he shall think and behave...3-4 months before we(mr.x and me) had a fight ...and he confessed still he has feelings for me..and whatever out of courtesy I was doing for me( like writing practical,sharing notes)he thought I m doing coz I too have feelings..but no I had already made a bf and I was never attracted to mr.x..after that fight I went away 4 months ..I disconnected from me..but last night I reconnected..coz it was his bday..I m thinking of saying him about my bf so that he will not have hopes again..what shall I do?

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