plz help me tell me what should I don how to get better mentally
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these days are like hell to me feel like I'm a trash that everyone wants to get rid off.i failed in an exam and people treat me like this .i really work hard for that but no one believes me not even my parents and my sister who used to my world to me is now Ignoring me .we are not close anymore and I don't know what do to where to start how to start how I can help myself up like I used to be it's been 10 years I'm struggling with anxiety and dipression but now I can't move any more step .i lose trust on people and myself to . everyday is like burden to live on . I don't know what to do.i don't have money for any therapist.i search youtube and here I am . can anyone helpe with is I mean I can't talk to my family about it . cause it's just so hard to tell them and they will not understand. they call me failure now . and i always have this feeling like I'm not a family member.plz help me I don't know how to handle myself anymore. it's been 4 months like this but I want to get over it .

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