post-partum depression
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Hi I'm 10 weeks old new mom. I delivered to a girl baby c section. She is super cute. We all super happy with her. I belong to community where all decitions are taken by patrents or husband. They take basic care of me. I need not to do house hold chores. My mom will do all house hold chores. She get exhausted with all work. My mom even helps in taking care of my baby also.I'm breastfeeding my baby and also take care of her. I enjoy watching n spending time with her. I usually busy whole day with her. Even I don't have to do any household work. I am finalcially dependent. I am not allowed to go out with out some one along with me. They will not approve what ever I ask. I have no good value to my openion in my home. I feel I'm not emotanally well supported as I expected. Presently I'm not living with my inlaws. As expected they have zero understanding towards me. After my delivery I got problem of motion. I have to pass motion multiple times. Not able to pass complete motion at once even if the consistency of motion is normal. even if I pass motion whole day I feel uneasy n faltulance. N I have 1 inch lump which is non painful, non bleeding, non reducing coming out n goes in when I push in though my anus. I dont think it is hemaroid. I consulted 2 gynics and also 2 gastro they gave me stool softners and probiotics. N told there is no serious problem to worry, It will get well. But I feel this not not common problem postpartum. Form almost 10 weeks I suffer with same n symptoms are not getting any better. I dont know what's happening. Why it is happening to only me. what I should do long should I bare it. Is this normal ( I don't think so). There is no solution for it. No one is understing me. All r telling this is because of my stress but I don't think so. I tried everything. Changed lifestyl. Controlling stress. But nothing working. I'm sure so many other people r having more serious problems than this n they r dealing through all of it alone strongly. But I feel week, alone hopeless. I'm not able concentrate on any work n not able to help my mom. She is getting frustrated on me for not able to help her. No one r understanding me. I'm not able to effort any therapy sessions. My family is saying it's common symptoms of pospartum n I will get well. But I don't belive that. My whole family getting frustrated with me. Now Im having nothing to do. I should just accept my situation. Have to be patient. Keep hope. Try to be happy with my kid. I just expect some empathy n understanding. Please give me some suppport n suggetions by commenting ur openion here.

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