postpartum depression
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I'm not easy going person I get easyly worried for every small problem Even I only face many problems n always gets worried. My whole pregnancy is lot of things which made me worry so much and still I'm facing the phase of this. I conceived after failing for 7 months. I used retinol skin oinment for pimples and albendazole tablet for intestinal parasite which I don't have n assumed wrongly n used, ich was actually may be become of anal fissure, in the 2nd month of pregnancy wich where not supposed to use during pregnancy. I was so confused to continue the pregnancy or not at last decided continue. I face very sever n long morning sickness period I faced very bad constipation I faced fissure I faced bad hip pain I got breach positioned baby My c section scar reamined raised. My baby got scral dimple which is nor problem till the baby have no any symptoms. Baby is healthy till now. Never before experienced newborn baby closely, so don't know what's nomal behaviour of new borns. Constantly worrying about babies well being. I got lump at anus which comes out when defecate and go back in when I push it in. It is non bleeding non reducing non paining, so doctor don't need any treatment. Unable to pass complete motion at once, passing motion multiple times a day, feel unesiness whole day. Taking fiber rich diet and more fluids. Visited many doctors, used all medicines nothing worked. Trying to reduce my stress but I'm unable to reducing my stress. Each day facing new problems non stop Facing vaginal itching Got puss pimple at perianum n painful. During breastfeeding not able to use all medicine for my any treatment of any problem Family feel I'm not having any problem in just psychologically feeling I'm having physical problems. They r not believing in me n judging me. Not everyone will have this kind of problems, not common. I feel hopeless, stressed, depressed. But I should keep hope, be positive, keep on trying to make things better, nothing more can be done by me now. 70 days post delivery still struggling.

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