pouring my heart out
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hey guys! hope you are doing well! I just wanted to pour my heart out! I am a 30 something person and still feel like a child inside. I had very strict parents and especially my mom was very critical and judgemental of me. I read about the things that were bothering me and found out she has narcissistic tendencies. I know it's not her fault and she can't help it, but I really crave the genuine love of a mother which I think I didn't get growing up. It was and always is about some sort of achievement in life. At this point in life, I know I must not say it, but I kind of can't share anything with my mother. I actually don't even feel like talking to her. I know she means well but we just don't get along together. I despise her and just can't stand her presence. Does that mean I am a bad person? I hope not😓. But it's this way and I have tried and can't figure out a way around it. If someone has faced something similar and has positively dealt with it, do share what you did. Thank you!

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