pressure to get married
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I feel like I'm trash some one who isn't good for anything I feel like I'm wasting my parents money ...and I'm 20years old and i still haven't figured out what i want to do for living i hate that my parents think it's time for me to get married and i dont even know my true self and the fact that I'm a looser even after trying my best in academic is literally giving me suicidal thoughts (not just that )I hate my relatives they look down on me so freaking much not just them even my mother did the same ..when I was in my fifth grade she harshly compared me to my cousin and I can't remember if I ever made her happy once with my efforts but now that I work my ass off to get good grades it turns out my course is a total failure it's not like my parents care they want me to have children and be a wife that I should be this is so frustrating I wanna end this all at once

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