problem in relationship because of religion
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Hello. Me and my boyfriend have been in our relationship for almost 11 months now. I am 20 and he is 28. In the first three months of our relationship, everything was going so well. We went for dates. And he used to text me regularly, used to say that he loves me and used to ask me if I was feeling good being with him. He used to be a really caring guy. Ever since the pandemic hit I had to return back home however we used to continue chatting and everything was going well. We had some fights in between nothing that major , and I corrected myself when I felt I did wrong. However in May we had this fight and he completely stopped talking for almost 3 days. I used to reach out to him regularly saying that he needs to communicate and needs to open up and tell me what I did wrong. He then told me, that something I said changed everything for him (nothing which was wrong, it was a talk about periods, a situation I made up to see how he responds to it) and he doesn't knows if we should be together. To which I said that I understood how he must have felt, I apologized and told him that once I come back we can talk seriously about how the relationship is going to be. Everything was going fine till then coming to June where he stopped texting much as he said he was not getting proper sleep and needed sleep. I agreed to that, since we used to talk till almost 12 starting from 10 at night. But slowly I started seeing changes in his behaviour. He stopped making efforts like he used to do. And started making excuses whenever I used to ask if he was free to chat (sleepy, tired, work etc.) And I was like ok it could be possible. However I still used to find him online despite him saying he is heading to sleep. This continued for some more time till one day I thought I should confront and called him up. He kept ignoring my calls and I told him to stop ignoring it since it is basic manners to either call or text that he is busy rather than ignoring. Again there was no communication till 3 days till once again I took the initiative to talk (even though I was the one who was wronged this time) and he said that he is attracted to me physically and that our age gap is also a problem and his family is orthodox and won't accept me since I am a Muslim and he is Hindu. He liked my company but it is difficult for him to see a future. I responded by saying that let's at least try if we both can put enough efforts maybe we can convince both parties. To which he said let's see. Then coming to present day, a few days before again I caught him staying online after he said he was going to sleep and he again mentioned that his parents have strictly told him he can only marry a Hindu girl and no one else. He likes my company and is physically attracted but he doesn't sees a future. I haven't talked with him for a few days since I am going through my own emotions and don't know how to respond. Please guide me. Thanks. And sorry for the long explanation 😂.

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