problem of procrastination and feeling withdrawn
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I have been struggling a lot to get work done. I procrastinate beyond logic-I like the work i'm doing, I even want to do it, but I feel like something in my head always inhibits me from working. I also get screen sucked very easily and I often find myself glued to my phone, and I loath myself for it. Things have started to worsen beyond control. I try very very hard to drive away this incapacity, this tendency to not able to do anything despite having all the resources, and I succed for a day or two-After a day or two, I just get back to the phase of inactivity, numbness and just lie in bed all day. THIS IS NOT ME. I'M A HARWORKING SCHOLAR BUT IDK WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME. Everything is out of control. I just want to be able to focus and study like I used to be able to. This is eating me up from the inside.

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