problems in committment
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Hey! I I feel that i have seriously commitment issues now. Exactly three years back i got into a relationship. It wasnt a long term relationship but it meant something to me. I was shattered when he told me that due to some issues which were genuine we couldn't continue dating on text. In every 6 months he used to message me. After 2 years I gathered all my courage and went to meet him because I thought I needed closure because I couldn't move on. After meeting him I was numb no emotions at all. I was happy with being numb .But after that I started using dating apps and met a guy. He was complete opposite. He was vocal about his feelings and seemed like a safe option. I tried dating him but I couldn't. I don't know why. So we stoped talking. Now, I'm a graduate and must commit to something in academic terms as well as dating. In short I think I have serious commitment issues that I can't chooose my profession or anything. I can't even think of getting a tattoo. What should I do? How to I restore my fuck-it attitude?

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