Problems in marriage
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I've been married to a person I see as a heatless monster. He keeps hurting me with his words especially. When I gather the courage to complain to him, he blows up. He always insist whatever emotional pain I'm going through is my fault and has nothing to do with me. Sometimes I feel he's so determined to make me feel I'm not the ideal woman for him. It's like he wants to bring me down and feel silly about myself in every situation. Yesterday, for instance, we were visiting my sister. He doesn't like to mingle with my family so I was grateful when he agreed to go along. He went out in the morning and was late in returning but I didn't mind we were over an hour late for our visit. I made provisions to take the lead with my daughter and asked my nanny to stay behind and come with him. But he came alone. When I asked, it became a bitter argument between us. Essentially, he was more understanding of the nanny than of me, insisting I did wrong by not informing him to bring her. He wouldn't listen to my explanation that having told the nanny, I was sure she'd relay my message and come with him. I don't know the reason she just watched him drive off without saying anything about going with him, but I was sure I had done enough of making arrangements for her. I'm so sick of my husband now.

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