problems in relationship because of bipolar boyfriend
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Hey I've been dating a guy who has bipolar disorder. Since past few months he is distanced from me. He wasn't sharing anything or maybe he didn't want to be emotionally invested. I tried asking him many times but he refused telling me that he's like this. I too am suffering from regular anxiety that in someway caused many insecurities in me. He isolated himself for a month and half. When I tried to reach out to him after putting much effort he admitted that he got hospitalised and didn't want to share it to anyone as a friend I felt bad I took it personally. He then again became active and had regular chats but I kinda felt distant emotionally like he was not the same as before. Few days ago I asked him if he still have feelings for me or not. He answered I'm not sure I was shut down though I kinda had a clue about it. I don't have any issues with him but now he's ghosting me again. When I asked to talk he said he wanna talk but don't know how. I even initiated the talk by calling him but he didn't show any response. Just to understand him I educated myself on bipolar and tried to not hurt him but the way he's behaving is not good. I'm stressed and my anxiety is on peak. I don't know if I have to push it forward make any attempts or not. I'm very much disappointed it was highly unexpected from him

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