problems in relationship because of parents
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Hi i am in a relationship with a man who is 6 years elder than me n we have only met each other once in the 2 years my parents caught my relationship with him n they warned me nit ti do it again n they punished me too but after 10 months later i tected him again he was waiting for me coming back n we started our relationship again n now he says that lets keep a distance between each other because if our parents wont agree to our relationship then we would breakup n it Will cause u a lot of pain n all but i couldn't Accept it i cant even get rid of hin from my mind even for a second i try nit to text or call him but i cant help myself he ignores my calls most often n will call obly once in a week n i feel so helpless n i wanted to be with him direver but he is kinda joking n feels lyk he is not so much into this relationship n i am so afraid of breakup n i even cant even think about that n i am an mbbs student is a photographer our lifestyles n status are so far apart he is a normal family but my parents are kinda rich n idk what i should do pls help me.

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