problems with brother, need independence
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In my life all i got is failures in every stages . This pandemic made everything more worse that i could imagine. My brother has a very bad behaviour , he verbally abuses me every time like am a trash can and after this plays victim card due to his behaviour there is no peace in my house and I don’t want to stay here for a second now but due to corona i cant go to college and my hostel . After many years i was getting things i want and got admission in my desired university after a gap year i was really happy last month now every thing us becoming more sad and depressed I don’t have any real friends to say my heart out . Am done with the verbal abuses i cant hear and tolerate this anymore but i dont have any option other than staying at home but now staying here is painful very painful . There was a boy i loved the most but he cheated on me and he apologised so many times but i was stoned hearted that time but now i need him but i won’t have him . My life is completely messed up i just need a new start of my life . And all what’s happening around me i am not able to concentrate on my studies sometimes i want to run away from house and to start everything from scratch but currently am not independent.....for anything i have to ask money from my parents . I want to be independent as soon as possible for my mental peace . My mental health is tarnished am emotionally broken

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