problems with family
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Hi.... Where do I start my mom died 10 years ago when I was 14..... Since then its been me, my father and my brother living alone..... None of my relatives were not there to help us..... An year later I found my father having affairs...... It hurted me and my brother so much every time I confronted him he denied it right in my face...... After some time I stopped asking knowing there is no use...... We still live in the same house he still denies it.... Last year due to some property issues I got in touch with my relatives they all found out about my father's affairs...... My mom sister asked me I told her the truth..... Since then we are staying in touch..... Its been hard for me to communicate with them normally after long time......then came an marriage alliance the guy is my father's sister son...... My family is trying to convince me for this marriage saying I don't have any options because of my father behaviour...... In the beginning I tried to accept it we got in touch and we started to talk..... I know he is an good guy but I don't feel any connection with him.... I have been trying to avoid him and somewhat trying to stop this alliance...... I know I have insecurities and not an emotional personal.... I dont understand my emotions very well it's been hard for me in this quarantine.... Is it wrong that even he is an good guy you don't feel anything for him..... What should I do I am scared and repelling against my family..... Any advice for my problem please????

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